Gigabyte Confirms All Intel 13th Gen CPU Lineup

Gigabyte leaks the entire Intel 13th gen desktop CPU lineup in the upcoming Z790 CPU support list. Six of them launching next week.

Intel is all set to launch the first six of the 13th Gen Raptor Lake desktop CPUs next week, with all of them being K-series (unlocked multiplier) which supports overclocking, the six K-series processors will launch with or without integrated graphics depending on the model, and will be 125W TDP aimed for enthusiasts and high-end users.

The entire 13th Gen Raptor Lake lineup will include other SKUs as well, that will run on 65W or 35W TDP, however, as of yet Intel has not confirmed any further details regarding their launch date.

Gigabyte Leaks Entire Intel 13th Gen CPU Portfolio Before Intel’s Official Announcement

On Gigabyte’s website, the company has published the CPU support list for the brand new premium intel Z790 motherboards, this comes as a surprise as Intel yet to reveal some of these SKUs officially. The support list reveals details regarding base frequencies, wattage, cache sizes, and stepping.

ModelStepping / SiliconBase ClockL3 CacheTDP
Core i9-13900K/KFRaptor Lake B03.00GHz36MB125W
Core I9-13900/FRaptor Lake B02.00GHz36MB65W
Core I9-13900TRaptor Lake B01.10GHz36MB35W
Core I7-13700KF/KRaptor Lake B03.40GHz30MB125W
Core I7-13700/FRaptor Lake B02.10GHz30MB65W
Core I7-13700TRaptor Lake B01.40GHz30MB35W
Core I5-13600K/KFRaptor Lake B03.50GHz24MB125W
Core I5-13600Alder Lake C02.70GHz24MB65W
Core I5-13600TAlder Lake C01.80GHz24MB35W
Core I5-13500Alder Lake C02.50GHz24MB65W
Core I5-13500TAlder Lake C01.60GHz24MB35W
Core I5-13400/FRPL B0/ADL C02.50GHz20MB65W
Core I5-13400TAlder Lake C01.30GHz20MB35W
Core I3-13100/FAlder Lake H03.40GHz12MB60W/58W
Core I3-13100TAlder Lake H02.50GHz12MB35W
Intel 13th Gen Core Processors Confirmed Specs

Gigabyte has confirmed at lease 22 Intel 13th Gen desktop processors, utilizing a mixed Raptor Lake / Alder Lake dies, in essence, 12 models will use the Raptor Lake B0 silicon, while 8 of the remaining models will use the Alder Lake C0 or H0 dies.

Interestingly 2 of the models on the list, Core i5-13400 & Core i5-13400F will use either Raptor Lake B0 or Alder Lake C0 dies, which is not the first time for Intel to launch the same CPU utilizing two different dies concurrently.

Intel 13th Gen CPU Specs | Source: Gigabyte

In the list, Gigabyte did not confirm any more details regarding core count or core configuration, and we still have no ETA on when these CPUs are expected to be officially announced by Intel & hit the market.

Source: Gigabyte

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