Intel B760 Motherboards & 13th Gen Non-K CPUs Arriving Early 2023

Intel is reportedly planning to launch the remaining of its 13th Gen Raptor Lake desktop CPU family on January 3rd, 2023.

Based on a Rumor

CES 2023 is just around the corner, and looks like Intel is taking this opportunity to unveil and launch the remaining 13th Gen Raptor Lake desktop CPUs, as well as the new mid-range B760 motherboard series.

Intel Raptor Lake CPU Family Is Getting Even Bigger

New report from ‘IT Home‘ says that the tech giant is planning to launch as many as 16 new desktop CPUs at CES 2023. Yup, you read that right, Intel is making sure to cover every price segment in the market.

The new CPUs Intel is launching will belong to the non-K category, meaning they will have locked multiplier, thus operating at lower TDP than the current K-series we have available now.

Alongside the launch of the these non-K CPUs, Intel is also reportedly launching the new mid-range B760 motherboards, which is also planned to go on sale globally on January 3rd. There is no confirmation as of yet if Intel is intending to launch the Core i9-13900KS on the same day, however, some online retailers are starting to list the 13900KS on their stores, which suggests it could launch on the same day as well.

ModelStepping / SiliconCore ConfigurationBase ClockL3 CacheTDP
Core i9-13900KSRaptor Lake B08P+16E/32TTBC36MBTBC
Core i9-13900K/KFRaptor Lake B08P+16E/32T3.00GHz36MB125W
Core I9-13900/FRaptor Lake B08P+16E/32T2.00GHz36MB65W
Core I9-13900TRaptor Lake B08P+16E/32T1.10GHz36MB35W
Core I7-13700KF/KRaptor Lake B08P+8E/24T3.40GHz30MB125W
Core I7-13700/FRaptor Lake B08P+8E/24T2.10GHz30MB65W
Core I7-13700TRaptor Lake B08P+8E/24T1.40GHz30MB35W
Core I5-13600K/KFRaptor Lake B06P+8E/20T3.50GHz24MB125W
Core I5-13600Alder Lake C06P+8E/20T2.70GHz24MB65W
Core I5-13600TAlder Lake C06P+8E/20T1.80GHz24MB35W
Core I5-13500Alder Lake C06P+8E/20T2.50GHz24MB65W
Core I5-13500TAlder Lake C06P+8E/20T1.60GHz24MB35W
Core I5-13400/FRPL B0/ADL C06P+4E/16T2.50GHz20MB65W
Core I5-13400TAlder Lake C06P+4E/16T1.30GHz20MB35W
Core I3-13100/FAlder Lake H04P+0E/8T3.40GHz12MB60W/58W
Core I3-13100TAlder Lake H04P+0E/8T2.50GHz12MB35W
Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake Processor Family

Source: IT Home

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