Acer Unveils Intel Arc A770 Predator BiFrost GPU

Acer officially announces its entry into the GPU market with custom design for Intel Arc A770 GPU.

With the launch of Intel Arc Alchemist GPU series near, the list of Intel AIB partners continue to grow, and Acer decides to join the party by announcing their first entry into the GPU market, a custom Arc A770 design under the Predator BiFrost series.

The A770 Predator BiFrost Reveled on Twitter

The A770 predator comes with a 2.5-slot design, and a custom PCB powered by a dual 8-pin power connectors. Boasting a dual fan design, which we have seen before on many custom GPUs, however, the A770 is certainly unique amongst them in its fan configuration, which seems to be a hybrid between blower type in the middle and a second larger non-blower fan to the right.

This hybrid fan configuration gives the A770 a very aesthetic and unique look. Acer gets major points on the design from us, which is certainly very striking to the say the least.

It remains to be seen whether the A770 Predator from Acer will be a 8GB or 16GB model, as all Acer did was just tease the card on Twitter with no additional specs .

The A770 is Intel’s flagship GPU, launching on October 12th, featuring 32 Xe cores, 4096 shader units, and a clock speed of 2050MHz. The A770 will launch in two different models, 8GB and 16GB, and with MSRB of $329 and $349 respectively.

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