AMD Confirms Max Compute Units for RDNA 3.0 GPUs

A new update directly from AMD to the ROCm software confirms Navi 32 and Navi 33 max core counts.

Back in August, a rumor from Angstronomics alleged that the specifications of the AMD Navi 3X GPU series did not change since 2020. The website also alleged the final specifications of each of AMD’s Navi 3X GPUs, including max core counts, code names, and infinity cache sizes to name a few.

It seems that Angstronomics alleged specs were indeed correct, at least regarding the peak core counts, as a new leak coming directly from AMD after an update to the ROCm software discovered by Twitter user Kepler confirmed the peak computing core counts for the RDNA 3.0 architecture based GPU series.

AMD RDNA 3.0 Chiplet Technology
AMD RDNA 3.0 Chiplet Technology | Image Credit: AMD

RDNA is AMD’s GPU microarchitecture featured for the first time on the Radeon RX 5000 series that launched back in 2019, whereas Navi is the codename for the GPU series utilizing the RDNA architecture, and once again the Navi GPUs have been exclusively used in the RX 5000 series, expanded to the RX 6000 series in 2020, and will power AMD’s upcoming RX 7000 series launching in December.

Core Counts For RDNA 3.0 Based GPUs

The RX 7000 series will consist of the Navi 31 GPU powering AMD’s upcoming flagship graphic cards the Radeon RX 7900 XT and Radeon RX 7900 XTX, Navi 32 will power the Radeon RX 7800 XT, whereas the Navi 33 GPU will be featured in the Radeon RX 7700 XT.

AMD Navi 31, Navi 32, Navi 33 Leaked Core Counts
ROCm Software Navi Core Count | Image Credit: Kepler

The leak discovered by Kepler confirms the core counts to be as follows:

  • Navi 31 GPU has 96 Compute Units
  • Navi 32 GPU has 60 Compute Units
  • Navi 33 GPU has 32 Compute Units
Navi 31 GPUNavi 32 GPUNavi 33 GPU
MicroarchitectureRDNA 3.0RDNA 3.0RDNA 3.0
Manufacturing ProcessTSMC N5/N6TSMC N5/N6TSMC N5/N6
Codename“Plum Bonito”“Wheat Nas”“Hotpink Bonefish”
GPU PackageMulti-Chip-Module (MCM)Multi-Chip-Module (MCM)Monolithic
Chiplet Configuration1x GCD + 6x MCD1x GCD + 4x MCD
Transistor Count58BTBCTBC
Shader Units632
Shader Arrays1264
RDNA Workgroups (WGP)483016
Compute Units966032
Stream Processors 614438402048
Bandwidth960 GB/s640 GB/s320 GB/s
Bus Width384-bit256-bit128-bit
Release DateDecember 2022TBCTBC
SKUsRX 7900 XT
RX 7900 XTX
RX 7800 XTRX 7700 XT
Rumored specs of AMD’s upcoming RDNA 3.0 GPUs

AMD is all set to reveal and launch the remaining RDNA 3.0 based GPUs at CES 2023 in January, and considering all the launches that are scheduled to go during the event it’s shaping up to be a very busy one for technology and hardware enthusiasts.

Sources: Angstronomics, Kepler

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