AMD Ryzen 7000 Zen4 Mobile Processors Revealed & R7 7730U Spotted

Leaks surface for AMD's next-gen Ryzen 7000 Zen4 architecture U, HS, and HX mobile processors.

Based on a Rumor

Update: AMD has already revealed Ryzen 7000 Series Mobile Processors, confirming rumors in this article that the Ryzen 7000 series will use different CPU / GPU microarchitectures in the same product lineup.

CES 2023 is rapidly approaching and AMD is expected to launch the new Zen4 based mobile processors in January during the event, however, not all next-gen Ryzen APUs will feature the RDNA 3 GPU architecture, some SKUs reportedly will use older RDNA 2 and even Vega iGPU architectures, in fact AMD confirmed some Ryzen 7000 mobile SKU will use a refreshed Zen3/Zen3+ and even Zen2 based CPUs.

Starting up with the Zen4 based mobile processors, a new report from IT Home details the APUs AMD is intending to unveil during CES 2023, including SKU names, CPU cores, and GPU cluster / compute units.

Zen4 U-Series Mobile Processors

TDP: 15-28W. Confirmed by AMD

The Zen4 U-Series APUs are intended for ultra-thin and light notebooks, coming in two APUs, the Ryzen 7 7740U utilizing 8 Zen4 based CPU cores with 12 RDNA 3 Core Clusters for the GPU, and Ryzen 7640U with 6 Zen4 CPU cores and 6 RDNA 3 Core Clusters GPU. The GPU cores is said to reach up to 2.6GHz with performance comparable to that of RX 570 levels.

APUCPUGPU Compute UnitsGPU Architecture
R7 7740U8 Cores12 CURDNA 3
R5 7640U6 Cores6 CURDNA 3
AMD Zen4 U-Series Mobile Processors

Zen4 HS-Series Mobile Processors

TDP: 35W+ Confirmed by AMD

The HS mobile processors series are intended for gaming and creator notebooks, and just like the U-Series, the HS series will offer up to 8 Zen4 CPU Cores, however, they have a higher power consumption ceiling, presumably to allow for higher clocks i.e. better gaming performance.

APUCPUGPU Compute UnitsGPU Architecture
R9 7940HS8 Cores12 CURDNA 3
R9 7840HS8 Cores12 CURDNA 3
R7 7740HS8 Cores12 CURDNA 3
R5 7640HS6 Cores6 CURDNA 3
AMD Zen4 HS-Series Mobile Processors

Zen4 HX-Series Mobile Processors

Base TDP: 55W+ Confirmed by AMD

The HX mobile processors series are intended for performance high-end notebooks, with up to 16 Zen4 based CPU cores, and max out at 2 CU for the GPU (which seems polarizing to say the least), they have a base TDP of 55W and can consume up to 140W at max loads.

APUCPUGPU Compute UnitsGPU Architecture
R9 7945HX16 Cores2 CURDNA 3
R9 7845HX12 Cores2 CURDNA 3
R7 7745HX8 Cores2 CURDNA 3
R5 7645HX6 Cores2 CURDNA 3
AMD Zen4 HX-Series Mobile Processors

R7 7730U Spotted

R7 7730U Leaked Task Manager Screenshot

A leak on Weibo surfaced online, showing a shared Task Manager screenshot, with the CPU running as AMD Ryzen 7 7730U. Parts of the text were poorly obscured yet still readable, especially with increased image exposure.

AMD Ryzen 7 7730U Exposure Leak
R7 7730U Leaked Task Manager Screenshot

The Ryzen 7 7730U has 8 CPU cores / 20 Threads, a base clock frequency of 2GHz, and it is rumored to have 8 GPU core clusters with an RX Vega iGPU architecture.

Making Sense of AMD Naming Scheme

Taking all this information into consideration, here’s how AMD Ryzen 7000 mobile processor lineup is shaping up to be upon release, and how you can decipher which SKU is running which CPU and GPU architecture:

APU CodenameModelCPU ArchitectureGPU Architecture
7X20 seriesLow-EndZen2 2 CU RDNA2
7X30 seriesRefreshed Zen3RX Vega
7X35 seriesRefreshed Zen3+RDNA2
7X40 seriesMain 7000 SeriesZen4RDNA 3
AMD Ryzen 7000 Mobile Processors Architecture Reference
AMD Ryzen 7000 Mobile Series Naming Scheme
AMD Ryzen 7000 Mobile Naming Scheme | Image Credit: AMD

AMD is expected to release the new generation of mobile processors at CES 2023, with notebooks powered by the next-gen Zen4 APUs to soon follow and launch in the first quarter of 2023.

Sources: IT Home, Weibo Via IT Home

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