GeIL Announces DDR5-8000MHz CL38 Memory, Available in Q1 2023

GeIL announces DDR5 8000MHz CL38 POARIS memory kit & EVO V with active cooling featuring a dual-fan cooling system. Launching Q1 2023.

Press Release

GeIL Unveils DDR5-8000MHz 16GB x2 Ultra-Speed Memory Kit

One of the world’s leading PC components & peripheral manufacturers is proud to announce the grand launch of the DDR5-8000 16 GB x 2 CL38-48-48-90 1.45 V ultra-speed modules will be available in Q1, 2023. GeIL DDR5 lineup includes EVO V and Polaris RGB are tailor-made for hardcore gamers and hardware enthusiasts to deliver unparalleled performance and stability. In addition, GeIL Dyna 5 has created a comprehensive and efficient automated testing process for grading and sorting every DDR5 IC. As a result, GeIL ensures the bandwidth data transmission, compatibility, reliability, and integrity to meet all the demands of gamers and overclockers using Intel’s latest platforms.

GeIL DDR5-8000 MHz series has passed the required burn-in tests using the latest ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 APEX motherboard. The following screenshots indicate those test results. GeIL is a brand committed to offering memory products with a wider range of overclocking potential to PC enthusiasts and gamers. The latest GeIL DDR5-8000 memory modules are built with the advanced PMIC (Power Management IC), which can effectively obtain and control a wider range of localized voltage adjustments. The PMIC is used to enhance the overall stability and performance of the memory module and can effectively unlock additional overclocking headroom.

GeIL DDR5-8000 memory modules will be available at major retailers worldwide in Q1 2023. These modules are the intelligent choice for users looking to get high-performance DDR5 memory that has been highly customized for pro gamers and overclockers alike.

GeIL EVO V DDR5 series product page
GeIL Polaris RGB DDR5 series product page

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