RTX 4090 Has Strange Issues With Need for Speed Unbound

RTX 4090 users encounter a strange issue with Need for Speed Unbound that can only be fixed with a VBIOS update.

The newly released Need for Speed Unbound, which is the latest entry to the popular Need for Speed racing game franchise published by EA, has caused the RTX 4090 users to encounter a strange issue that can not simply be fixed by a game or a driver update. In fact the only known fix at the moment is a VBIOS update.

RTX 4090 Need for Speed Unbound Issue 1

According to EA, multiple RTX 4090 have reported a display flashing/blinking issues while running NFS unbound. EA stated that after testing, doing a firmware update for the RTX 4090 should resolve the issue.

NVIDIA firmware update tool

Fortunately, Nvidia has launched a fully automated VBIOS update tool for graphics cards, which supports Windows systems, and allows users to simply update the VBIOS of the RTX 4090 with one click.

NVIDIA GPU firmware update tool Windows

Sources: EA Answers, Nvidia Firmware Update Tool.

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