Intel Core i5-13500 Benchmarks Leaked, Huge Multi-Threaded Performance Gains

Synthetic benchmarks emerge for the upcoming Intel Core i5-13500 showing big jump in multi-threaded performance over its predecessor.

Intel is reportedly planning to launch the rest of the Raptor Lake CPU family on January 3rd during CES 2023, and with the launch date fast approaching, this is usually the time for the rumor mill to pick up speed and we see test leaks and speculations starting to emerge.

Over on Bilibili website, users managed to get hold of Intel Core i5-13500 desktop CPU, both the ES (Engineering Sample) and apparently the finalized product, and having looked at the results of a couple of synthetic tests, here’s what can be summarized:

Over 55% MT Performance Gain Compared to Last-Gen

In the benchmarks shown, the Core i5-13500 had a CPU-Z ST score of 768.0, and MT score of 8227.5, while in Cinebench r23, it had a 1901 ST score, and 19981 MT score.

Of course that doesn’t mean much without a reference point, if you take last gen the Core i5-12500 as a comparison reference, in CPU-Z the last gen predecessor Core i5-12500 has a ST score of around 710, and MT score of around 5100, as for Cinebench r23, the Core i5-12500 has an average ST score of 1804, and MT score in the range of 12400-12900.

That puts the Core i5-13500 roughly ahead of its predecessor of about 7% in single-thread performance, but more than 55% ahead in terms of multi-threaded performance.

Some considerations to take into account:

  • The multi-threaded performance jump is to be expected, after all the Core i5-13500 is a 14C/ 20T CPU, compared to its predecessor the Core i5-12500 which is a 6C/12T, and the ST performance gain is in line with the standard IPC gain from one generation to the next.
  • The benchmarks done used the Core i5-13500 ES, in other words this is just an engineering sample, and the performance of the finalized product can and probably will differ.
  • While synthetic benchmarks are good and all to provide a reference point of comparison, and the i5-13500 did indeed improve over its predecessor, how much of the improvements will be translated into real world application and gaming performance is a different matter.

Nonetheless, this bodes very well for Intel if you take into account the recent price leaks on PC Canada, that put the Core i5-13500 at $344 CAD / ~$254 USD, for reference the Core i5-12500 has a recommended customer price of $232, and can indeed be had for close to that, and it is fair to say the performance gain more than justifies the price difference.

The core i5-13500 will be based upon the Alder Lake C0 die, featuring a 14 Core / 20 Thread in a 6P Raptor Cove + 8E Gracemont configuration, it has a base clock and boost clocks of 2.5 GHz and a 4.6 GHz respectively, 24 MB of L3 cache, and TDP of 65W.

Based on these leaked tests and expected price, the core i5-13500 will be punching above its weight, with a performance closer to last gen core i7-12700K while being very well positioned in terms of market price.


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